Patient Case Report



The patient is a 68 y/o female with recently diagnosis presumed pancreatic cancer status post ablation of pancreas head mass. Patient presented with 1 month abdominal distension. Imaging showed pancreatic head mass that was FDG avid with surrounding adenopathy that was not FDG avid but possibly due to PET sensitivity. Imaging reports do not describe adjacent blood vessels (report states that pancreas body was surrounded with superior mesenteric vein but not sure if that means mass encircled vein or not). EUS sample reported as few small groups of heterogenic glandular epithelial cells exist in the blood clot tissue, part of which in the form of mucous epithelium so mutinous tumor is related, whereas pancreatic carcinoma could not be excluded. The patient was treated with gamma knife.


患者,女,68岁,近期诊断为假定胰腺癌状态伴胰头肿块切除术后。 患者腹胀1月余。 FDGPET成像显示胰头肿块氟脱氧葡萄糖浓聚(FDG avid),而周围肿大的淋巴结未显示氟脱氧葡萄糖浓聚。但此结果不排除与PET的敏感性相关。 影像学报告没有对相邻血管进行描述(报告指出,“整个胰体被肠系膜上静脉覆盖”,但环绕肿块的静脉是否为肠系膜上静脉尚不清楚)。 内镜超声引导下细针穿刺活检报告显示:“血凝块组织中可见少量异种腺上皮细胞簇,有些呈黏膜上皮细胞形态,提示粘液瘤的存在,但胰腺癌不除外。” 患者接受了伽玛刀治疗。


This consultation was based on the limited medical records received. No pathology slides nor radiograph images were reviewed by our staff pathologist or radiologist respectively.


本次的会诊意见是在医疗记录有限的情况下达成的。 我们的病理科专家和放射科医师没有对患者的病理切片和X光片进行检查评阅。



In regard to confirmation of diagnosis, based on the information provided, it is hard to opine if this patient has pancreatic adenocarcinoma. The report appears to suggest the biopsy was inadequate/non diagnostic sample. The issue now is that the lesion on the pancreas has been treated with radiation and thus likely will be more difficult to get a diagnostic sample.


基于所获得的信息,很难判断该患者是否患有胰腺癌,我们也因此无法给出确切诊断。 报告的结果显示活检标本取材不理想,即为非诊断标本。 目前的问题是胰腺病变区已被放射线辐射过了,很难再取到诊断标本。


Without a firm diagnosis of pancreatic adenocarcinoma, it is difficult to make treatment recommendations. There are other pathologies in the pancreas that are malignant, including pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, lymphoma, or metastases from another primary site.


既然胰腺癌无法确诊,我们也就很难给出治疗建议。 此外,胰腺上也可能发生其他类型的恶性肿瘤,像胰腺神经内分泌肿瘤,淋巴瘤,或原发于其他部位的转移瘤。



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